Premium features

WiFi Manager has several premium features, available for purchase for $1.75 as a single package right in the application using Google Wallet.

Important: Google will store your order under your account. This means you only pay once even if you later install new firmware / reset your phone / get a new one. The application will restore your existing order and activate again, as many times as necessary.

1 – Two new widget themes, inspired by Android 5.0 (Material Design), with transparency support.


These can be previewed for free by installing my Bluetooth Widget.

2 – You can use the WiFi Network Switcher widget to switch among your favorite WiFi networks with a single tap. The widget will enable WiFi if necessary, switch to a fixed or dynamic IP configuration as configured for that particular network, and connect.


3 – You can assign your own descriptions and icons (from a predefined set). You can also use fixed IP addresses with individual networks (On Android 2.*, the system settings apps can’t provide per-network IP address assignments, so this is a premium feature in WiFi Manager; Android 3.* and 4.* lets you do this, so this feature in WiFi Manager is free).

device-free-list-known device-prem-list-known

The assigned network descriptions can be used in the app’s widgets.

4 – You can exclude networks from the live scan list, which can be useful if your neighbors have routers too.

device-free-list-live device-prem-list-live

How to buy

All the above features are available for purchase right in the application, as a single “Premium” package. Order processing is handled by Google Wallet. My application never ever sees your credit card information.

  1. Daniel
    December 18, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Could you add different icons in the notification bar for different ssids?

    There are other apps that show a different icon in the notification bar when you’re connected to different ssids. It makes it very useful at a glance to see which you’re connected to.

    I’d rather not have to use two apps, she just use yours though as it does everything else so well.

    • December 18, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      There is a feature to assign an icon to a network (long press on a network in the app’s main window) -> do you think I should use these same icons (if one is assigned)?

      • Daniel
        December 18, 2016 at 3:52 pm

        Hi Kostya,

        Yes, you could use the same icons, and maybe add some more for choice! That would be excellent.

      • December 18, 2016 at 4:11 pm

        I’ll write it down. Thank you Daniel.

      • December 18, 2016 at 10:06 pm

        Kostya Vasilyev

        On December 18, 2016 14:52:36 “Kostya's small apps”

  2. Stephen
    December 14, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    I too would like to differentiate between APs with the same SSID.

    Can I buy premium anyway in the UK? I can’t see how.

    • December 14, 2016 at 8:43 pm

      Re: SSID/BSSID – sorry the released version doesn’t understand this, but yes I am interested in fixing it.
      Re: purchasing – Menu -> about premium features will take you to the purchase screen.

  3. bobP
    December 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Is it possible to see the different AP’s that share the same SSID? SO far I love the app (free) and considering the pro for that very reason.

    • December 2, 2016 at 10:29 pm

      Sorry this is not supported. A bug / shortcoming, I know. My apologies.

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