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SQLite, IFNULL, weird…

I have some SQLite queries in my project where I use things like:

... "... IFNULL(table1.col1, table1.col2) = table2.col3 ... "

Did this in some new code:

db.update(TABLE_NAME, contentValues, "... IFNULL(table1.col1, table1.col2) = ?...", new String[] { val1, val2, ...} );

… and the update never actually updated any messages.

Expanding IFNULL “by hand” started producing expected results:

db.update(TABLE_NAME, contentValues, "... table1.col1 IS NULL AND table1.col2 = ? OR table1.col1 = ? ...", new String[] { val1, val1, val2, ...} );

Probably has something to do with how Android’s SQLiteDatabase methods always bind query arguments as strings.

( an hour or so lost… sigh )

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