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WiFi Manager 2.0.5

This is a bug fix release. The changes are:

  • Fixed an issue with purchase / activation.
  • Fixed WEP keys containing only digits.
  • Improved animation in radar mode.

I would like to remind that the free / premium functionality split has stayed unchanged since the 2.0 release back in April. Since then the application has been continunously improving, and no features were “turned off”, only bugs fixed and new functions added.

And while I’m here writing a new post… Don’t like the new Market developer console. The new feature that supports multiple APKs per application is probably really awesome for game developers, but the process of updating an application has gotten more complicated. In the new UI, I am never sure if the changelog and other changes (not the APK itself) has been really saved. It also takes much longer for an update to go live, as much as an hour or two.

Some info on in-app billing. I ran some regression tests, and discovered that as of now, for in-app billing to work under test accounts (those are set up in your Market developer profile), it’s necessary to upload to Market (but not necessarily activate) the exact APK version as you’re testing with on the devices. I believe that previously, the version didn’t have to match.

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  1. Howard B
    August 14, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I agree about the confusion in the dev console also. For a company like Google who strive to make intuitive and “simple” apps, this is a step back. So when I click activate on an app, is it released to market then..? And why do I then need to click on save as well? And – as you mention – when I come back from the apk tab after uploading a new app, why do the comments have the last version listed by the side? But then I guess Google have to spend their time fixing the bugs with the developer stats instead? Oh, wait..

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