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Fixing slow code assist for Android in Eclipse Helios

This applies to Eclipse Helios 3.6 SR1 and Android tools 8.0.1.

There are three causes for slow code assist, and here is how to fix them:

1. Eclipse looking for “sources” folders under platforms\android-VERSION. This was actually fixed in ADT 8.0.x, but I’m reporting it here for completeness.

The fix/workaround was to create empty directories called sources under platforms\android-VERSION. Apparently, with 8.0.x, it’s no longer necessary.

2. The widely mentioned issue with something called JAX-WS in the Java EE version of Eclipse.

The fix is to disable JAX-WS assist in the edit/advanced preference: Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content Assist->Advanced.

3. Finally, there is an issue when code assist uses JavaDoc files installed as part of a new Android SDK package, “Docmentation for Android SDK, API 9, revision 1“.

I decided to uninstall the Documentation package, and this fixed slow code assist for me. It also removed information from JavaDoc in code assist, but until there is a fix, that’s probably the best that can be done.

According to this post:


this is an issue in Helios, not in Android documentaiton.

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