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WiFi Manager 1.5.1

Time for a new release.

There are two significant features in this version along with a few bug fixes.

Feature one: Support for hidden networks has been improved as much as possible.

Although Android doesn’t work with hidden networks very well (see post below), I’ve had a number of reports from adventurous users who still wanted to give it a try, and were running into bugs in Android and shortcomings in my program at the same time.

With this in mind, I made the following changes:

– Hidden networks are always displayed in the “live list”. If you are close to one of them, and Android doesn’t see it, its signal is displayed as a question mark.

– It is possible to force a connection to a hidden network, even if it’s not seen by Android. Sometimes it works.

However, my general recommendation on this is still the same: don’t use hidden networks, since they aren’t really hidden. Use a good security setting instead, preferably WPA2-PSK-CCMP (aka PSK-AES) and choose a good password.

Radar view showing live networks

Feature number two: “live radar” view

There is now a way to display live networks in a sort of radar view. Networks are organized by channel, and the size of their “radio shadow” depends on signal strength.

This view can be used to quickly check signal levels, and also makes it obvious which channels are “crowded”, and which are not, and perhaps would be a good choice for your home router (especially if you live in a densely populated area).

Use the menu key to switch to this mode and back.

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