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Scanning the Wi-Fi network

Scanning the Wi-Fi network neighbourhood in Android is really easy.

The root class for managing Wi-Fi connectivity is android.net.wifi.WifiManager.
An instance of this class can be obtained from Context like so:

Context context = ...WifiManager wfMgr = (WifiManager) context.

Scanning is asynchronous. It is initiated by calling WifiManager.startScan(), which returns immediately. Once the scan is complete, Android fires an intent action to notify the application. At this point, scan result can be obtained by calling WifiManager.getScanResults().

Putting it all together might look something like:

public class WifiScanActivity extends Activity
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        ... some code here ...
        mScanReceiver = new ScanResultReceiver();  // register later
    protected void onResume(){
        registerReceiver(mScanReceiver, new IntentFilter(WifiManager.SCAN_RESULTS_AVAILABLE_ACTION));
    protected void onPause(){

    ScanResultReceiver mScanReceiver;
    List mScanResults;

    void onScanListResultsAvailable(Context context)    {
        WifiManager wfMgr = (WifiManager) context.
        mScanResults = wfMgr.getScanResults();
        // ... scan results are available at this point

    // A helper class to receive end of scan notification
    class ScanResultReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver    {
        public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
            // call the enclosing activity class

Note that the broadcast receiver is only active when the activity is active. This is facilitated by registering it in the activity’s onResume() and unregistering in onSuspend(). Note that onResume() is called even when the activity is initially activated. Very covenient!

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